Raw Food Facts

A lot of times people ask us about our crazy raw food diets or why we eat rabbit food. They'll make fun of us for this or that, because we won't eat meat. Sometimes it's hard to respond. And a lot of times we will give very subjective responses to their objections or arguments. There is no question about the benefits of raw food. But we'll give responses like, we have more energy or need a lot less sleep or our digestion is much better than it was. But who can really quantify that? Maybe we can say how eating raw foods helped us to lose weight but those who disagree can say that ANY fad diet can do that. Right?

So I did some research and wanted to share some facts and raw food information that will help you have a couple good responses to people who have objections or just want to argue about what types of foods to eat.

Personally in my raw food experience I try to get out of that game altogether, 100% completely. If somebody wants to have a triple decker grilled hamburger with a tall glass of milk, that's cool. In fact if that's what they want I encourage it (for them that is). It is my contention that it's best if we get out of the judgement game completely and move more towards being positive. We don't know what's going on in that persons body do we? Heck maybe if that person is totally centered spritually, loves life, is not overweight, laughs a lot and really enjoys life, is more healthy than a raw food vegan who is depressed, down and extremely judgemental about food and life. All I know it's about more than food. But having said that, I know what kinds of food that I want to go into my temple, designed by God. I figure, why not be a person who is centered spiritually, loves life, is not overweight, laughs a lot, enjoys life AND eats raw organic food? How about them apples?

So anyway here are some things to think about the next time the subject comes up:

  • By the time a child reaches his first birthday their combined cancer risk from only 8 pesticides on 20 foods exceeds the EPA's lifetime level of accepted risk.

  • Raw brocolli contains just about as much calcium as whole milk and is linked to lower cancer risks.

  • Silica and Magnesium builds strong bones, not calcium. Thru biological transmutation silica and magnesium together transmutate and becomes the minerals that builds strong bones.

  • 1 clove of garlic contains as much antibiotics as about a hundred thousand units of penacillin.

  • Gorillas, hippos and Giraffs get almost 100% of their protein from greens and fruits.
  • Eating green leafy vegetables helps to build strong blood. Blood becomes bone and blood becomes muscle. Clean strong blood equels strong muscle fibers.

  • Rawfood Formula: light = green, green = blood, blood = flesh.

  • In 6 weeks you have a whole new liver.

  • In 12 weeks you have a whole new skeletal system.

  • All species of life on earth eat raw food in its raw state, except for man. No wonder why our species experiences more diseases than all other species combined.

  • People on average spend more money on treating diseases then preventing them.

  • 50 million metric tons of toxic chemicals are introduced into our enviornment each year.

  • The SAD diet includes on average about 5,000 artificial additives each year.

  • Raw cacao nibs (chocolate) can have almost 20 times more antioxidents than blueberries.

  • Regular cheddar cheese can have about 26 different chemicals in it.

  • You regenerate new skin cells every 30 days.

  • Vanilla and maca are natural aphrodisiacs!

  • The body is biologically changing cells at about 11 million cells per second.

  • 3-4 million red blood cells are made PER SECOND!!

  • Normal blood production does not take place in the bone marrow, it takes place in the small intestine.

  • Cancer now kills more children under the age of 15 than ANY OTHER DISEASE!

  • The risk of death from a heart attack by an average male in the united states is a staggering 1 out of 2! The risk of death from an average vegetarian male is only 4%.

  • The surface area of the small intestine (where blood production occurs and what then becomes the tissues and organs of our body) is about the size of a tennis court!

  • The heart beats about 100,000 times per day moves all blood thru the whole body and back every 3 minutes!

  • At birth we are about 80% water, when we reach 50 years old, we are about 50% water!

  • You have new blood every 16 weeks!

    If our blood is biologically transmutating and changing this much, how healthy is the cell copy? I mean, if a cell reproduces itself, how healthy is the 2nd cell? What we must realize is that the food we put into our body doesn't BECOME our body. Namely it doesn't knit itself into us but acts more like the wind on a sail. It helps the sail to do its job. So if we eat cooked dead food, each copy of each cell is going to be worse and worse. Let's try to change that just a little bit by putting the freshest, most mineral rich raw vegan food into our temples.

    By eating more of a raw food diet it will open up more doors to us, open our conscienceness and take us back to the house of health, which is where we want to be and where we strayed from in the first place. I believe all things are possible and we can get back to the house of health one meal at a time. How about you?


    Unknown said...

    Great post! I really like that diagram of "The real threat to Americans" it is so true. Keep up spreading the word and living in light :)

    Anonymous said...

    Great post Justin! I really like your energy, outlook, on how raw foods is so much more than just what we eat. Thanks!

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