How We Look At Food

It's funny because the other day I was super super tempted by pizza. I went to eat with my wife at a local pizza place and I ate a salad but the smells were so good. The garlic bread looked incredible. To tell you the truth I really struggled. But I had a salad and I had had a giant smoothie right before that too. One of the strategies I lay out in a post called Raw Food Tips.

For me it helps to educate myself to the enth degree. This way I know when the cravings hit, what is actually going on inside my body if I eat these foods. Also it helps to realize that that stuff, pizza, bread etc, isn't really food. It's called food but it's not actually anything but something that is edible and it can in no way nourish you. So that helps to really get educated and to look at food differently. Food is something that is digestible and something that can actually nourish you. Bread and pasta, those are not foods.

Another thing I thought about is that with education comes anguish. It's a two way street. I mean how do you sit there at a restaurant and watch people eat “food” that is giving them cancer and be okay with that? But my goal is to not care at all about that anymore and make every time I eat an enjoyable experience. Make it fun, no matter what is being eaten. It's not all about food people! I forget that all the time. Some people make it to their 90's and beyond, eating dead denatured "death food." So maybe we should all just take it easy, have more fun, do what we do (eat more living foods) and let the chips fall where they may.

What do you think?