Oxygen Therapy

I’ve recently been getting more and more interested in really getting into studying alternate health and healing remedies. My mom was diagnosed with cancer back in 95 and since then has overcome it. Just a few days ago they found a “spot” on her lung again. She’s an aspiring raw foodist (I’ve been getting her and my dad into it) so I guess I’ve been forced to search out other methods. I have just seen what cancer can do to people you love and vowed to myself that I don’t want to EVER have that happen to me. So one of the books I will read next is Flood Your Body With Oxygen. Judging from this video it looks incredible! I’m really looking forward to learning more about it.


Getting Sick and Raw Food.

Thanks for visiting my raw blog. I will be posting all kinds of things on here very often. My goal is to post good videos, product reviews, raw food ideas and much more!
A few years ago I remember arguing with my Dad, telling him “Everybody gets sick, Dad, it’s human!” He would tell me how he never got sick. Ever since I “started the process” of going raw (about 5 years ago, currently I’m about 95% raw, if it’s even possible to put a percentage on it!) I’ve gotten sick once or twice tops. And it goes away super fast. It’s pretty insane actually. I usually get sick AT LEAST anywhere from 1-3 times per winter. Now I never get sick. I’m wondering what you guys think.

Have you noticed an increase in your immune systesm since changing your diet?