Moving Past The Green Smoothie

Recently I've been thinking about all of the sugar that I've been eating in my raw food diet. I think back to years ago when I would eat chocolate chip cookies by the dozens daily, muffins, ice cream, milk shakes and the list is endless. I'm sure you can relate. I think God that I'm not on that path anymore. I was headed for disaster in the name of diabetes probably. As I've been on the raw food diet for the past few years I really didn't concern myself too much with the amount of sugar I was eating. I knew it was a lot but I wanted to stick to the diet more than anything. As you stay on this diet, your cravings change, the amount of food you need to be "full" changes, it's really quite amazing. I used to wakeup starving and have to eat bowls of cereal and toast right away or I'd be unsatisfied. Now I can wake up and go for hours and hours without even feeling hungry at all. Often times I would wakeup work for half the day, then go for a walk and to the gym all without eating. I've heard the less we eat the longer we live. Interesting. So all that to say that my body and cravings have changed 100 fold over the past few years.

Every morning I would make a different green smoothie. I was mixing it up quite a bit doing different greens and different fruits. And I loved it. I may go back to it someday but for now I'm moving away from them. The most nutritious thing that I would put into my morning green smoothies were the kale, spinach and greens as well as the avocado. The fruit was good but not as good. So I figure why not just eat only a salad and cut right to the chase? So for the past few days I've been doing just that. I'll wake up and go as long as I can without eating anything, then I'll have a salad with an avocado. It's been amazing and a fun experiment. I think I'll stick with it and see how my body reacts!

Have you been doing any "experiments" on yourself lately?

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