Getting Sick and Raw Food.

Thanks for visiting my raw blog. I will be posting all kinds of things on here very often. My goal is to post good videos, product reviews, raw food ideas and much more!
A few years ago I remember arguing with my Dad, telling him “Everybody gets sick, Dad, it’s human!” He would tell me how he never got sick. Ever since I “started the process” of going raw (about 5 years ago, currently I’m about 95% raw, if it’s even possible to put a percentage on it!) I’ve gotten sick once or twice tops. And it goes away super fast. It’s pretty insane actually. I usually get sick AT LEAST anywhere from 1-3 times per winter. Now I never get sick. I’m wondering what you guys think.

Have you noticed an increase in your immune systesm since changing your diet?



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Emily said...

Hey, I love your blog, it's really inspiring and really helping me stay raw. I kina went raw overnight as I spent a whole weekend reading up on it, and felt repulsed by meat and dairy -and it just made so much senses! After one week I had a stonking cold and it took some time to clear, I'm assuming by body was a bit zonked detoxing and all. Not been raw long enough to tell if my general ability to fend off colds has been affected yet (still summer). Thanks again!