Raw Burgers With Mayo...

Hey everybody. Yesterday I made some living food burgers with mayonaise. The raw burgers were pretty easy to make and the mayo was made using Julianos Book, Raw: The Uncook Book It's all pretty easy really. These are super tasty and really filling. Here is the recipe for the living burgers:

Living Burgers:
1. Half Cup Almonds (soaked)
2. Half Cup Sunflower Seeds (soaked)
3. Pulp from -
4. 1 Carrot
5. 4 Ribs celery
6. 1 Green Apple
7. Small Hanful of chopped parsley
8. 1 big basil leaf chopped
9. Squirt of Flax Oil
10. Few Shakes of Dried Garlic
11. Few Shakes of Cumin Powder
12. Pinch of Sea Salt
13. Dulse With Cayene
14. Kelp with Garlic
15. 1 pack stevia
16. Oregeno
17. Thyme
18. Lemon Pepper
19. Italian Seasoning
20. Flax
21. Cilantro
22. Agave
23. Coconut Flakes
24. Cucumber
25. Zuchinni
26. Pumkin Seeds
27. Olive Oil
28. Salad Lettuce
1. Almonds/Seeds into food processor
2. Veggie Pulp into food processor
3. Put all into a bowl and mix
4. Put greens salad mix, parsley, basil into food processor and add to bowl
5. Roll them all into a burger patties and dehydrate for about 8 hours at 110 degrees or until soft (but not hard!)