Raw and Living Superfood Chocolate Shake...

This shake or smoothie is a staple of mine. I have one everyday! :) Sorry I didn't put any measurements down. I usually just do spoonfuls of each one. I'm horrible at measuring! I know bananas aren't the best for you but those along with the avocados really make it filling.

Sometimes I have it with a salad and that'll fill me up for hours. It's crazy. I also put in there any other superfoods I have on hand.

Cacao Powder
Cacao Butter
Hemp Seed Protein Powder
Frozen Banana 1
Agave Nectar
Almond Milk
Coconut Milk
Raw Honey
Mint Leaves
Coconut Meat
1/4 or up to an entire Avacado


Stacia said...

sweet lord that looks/sounds yummy! thanks for the inspiration, i think i'll have to try this one out

lovely blog, by the way :)


Heather Pace said...

Yummmm-arama!!! This looks delish Justin...I've gotta make it!