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This is a site about raw food. I started being interested in the raw food diet in 2003 when I read a book called Fit for Life.Ever since then I have been moving more and more into the raw food path. I have listened to probably over 1,000 hours of lectures and seminars and have read dozens of books on the subject. I have been saturating myself in this information for the past 5 years as well as living it. I created this site to answer your questions and help other people who have and are going through the process of trying to improve their health. I try to answer all questions and provide useful and original content and articles that you can use in your life.

The site is constantly growing and evolving as we do. It started out as a way to talk about certain issues living the raw foods lifestyle. But as time goes on it's becoming a tool for me as I hope as it is for you. There are certain areas I am interested in studying and I'll be including them in as my posts. I hope you find them as interesting as I do.

My goal is to help you so that you can be ahead of the curve on your path to raw foods. So many times one little piece of information can literally change everything. It is my goal to provide insightful content so you can have success in living the raw food lifestyle.