Drinking Ultra Pure Water

Recently I've been reading The Hidden Messages In Water and have been thinking about water a little more lately. I've always been aware that we need to be drinking the highest quality water possible. But I also live in the real world. Coming soon I'm going to find a local spring and tap into getting fresh spring water myself. I'm also going to buy a Vitalizer Plus and perhaps a clay egg to store my water.

I doubt any of you are recklessly drinking your tap water. I wouldn't touch tap water with a 10 foot pole. I do know people that drink unfiltered tap water and I just cringe but I don't say anything unless they ask. I've even had them offer me tap water at their house and they hand it to me. I graciously accept and then don't even touch it. At that point I'd rather be dehydrated a little bit than drink that. I would buy a good drinking water filter system if you are dead set on drinking tap water. Personally I don't think even ionizing, distilling or any of that can be as good as drinking ultra pure water that comes directly from a spring in your area.

But there are many many things you can do to you water. I know people that put magnets on their water, they spin it ending on a right turn, put it under the moon light to charge it, they'll put it on a tachyon disc, vitalize it, put crystals in it, write messages on the side of the bottle, sing to it, put a blade of grass in it, put magets on the side of their water bottle, put patrick flannegans megahydrate drops in it, put Dr. Robert O. Young's PH drops into it, put Willard Water as the starter or Dr. Jubb's water as the starter and the list is goes on and on. I've even heard Patrick Timpone putting a 3 million year old piece of petrified bark into his water. It's really is amazing all the things you can do with water. Personally I will probably end up doing all that stuff. Some of it does sound a little strange I will admit. But once you read The Hidden Messages In Water you'll start to gain a little bit of an understanding as to what water is and what it can do for you.

It all starts with your water source. The most ideal situation is to find a spring and get fresh spring water yourself and then you can doctor it up and make your own "designer water". I like to take the slow and steady pace with all of these ideas. Personally I can't jump from drinking tap water to fresh spring water and doing all of that mentioned above. For me I like to tackle these things in stages and make slow, gradual and steady conscious changes over time. I like to stack the odds in my favor.

Right now I'm drinking sparklets water (I know it's less than the best choice) when I wake up in the morning first thing. I squeeze a big slice of lemon into it, put some celtic sea salt in, msm powder, and a sea mineral solution. I've been doing that steady for about 6 months and coming soon I'm going to buy a Vitalizer Plus and find a local spring and start using that technology.

If you feel comfortable jumping from A to Z overnight that is great. Just make sure it's sustainable and you're doing it for all the right reasons and have the correct motivation. I'm always looking for a new level of homeostasis. Once I get comfortable with what I'm doing, I rise to the next level. Do whatever works for you. But just start somewhere and do something with your water. In what ways are you currenly making your water better?

Some books to checkout for further reading:
The Hidden Messages in Water (Paperback)
Living Water: Viktor Schauberger and the Secrets of Natural Energy (Paperback)
The Water Wizard: The Extraordinary Properties of Natural Water (Paperback)
The Secret Life of Plants (Paperback)

Here is a link to an audio mp3 interview with Daniel Vitalis: Full Interview Here

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