The Triple Bypass Burger...Yum!

Recently I read about a hamburger resturaunt that is in Arizona offering the triple bypass burger and the quadrupal bypass burger amongst other interestingly named menu items. After reading a lot of cleansing and fasting books, this article got me thinking.

When I first read about this place I actually laughed because from a marketing perspective it's great and it looks like they do an amazing job and are actually really funny about it. The reason why I laughed is because they have girls in nurses outfits delivering the burgers. All of the customers get those aprins you get when you have a surgery in the hopsital. I think they even take you to your car when you're done in a wheel chair. Clever marketing and quite funny.

But on the flip side it's actually quite sad. I see in america today a love for food and a love for the taste of food above all else. Only when a person has a disease (and most of the time not even then!) or if they're trying lose weight does the idea of food as something other than a tasty addiction even become important.

I see on popular tv cooking shows the cooks making food and all they talk about is how their food will taste. It's almost quite amazing how our addictions are being supported and praised.

Does anybody think when they're making this "tasty food" (that they're completely addicted to) what kind of an impact this has on the earth? Do they care how many animals were slaughtered in the process? Do they care how many acres of land are ruined from the excrement of these animals? Do they think about how the prices of homes in entire middle class neighborhoods fall, when a slaughter house is nearby, and what affect that has on those people who lived there? Do they think about how much land is wasted growing food for these animals (they they end up killing) that could be used to help end starvation? Do they think about the people or immigrants that have been killed or maimed in the process of the making of these hamburgers or tasty meals? Do they think about what industries they're supporting by buying these foods? Read Fast Food Nationfor a jolly time. These are just mostly the enviornmental and political factors involving the creation of this "food." Do they think that they can abuse their bodies all their lives and get a way with it? Do they think about what that food is doing to their insides? Do they care? Do they care about how long they might live or what diseases they may get? How about being around for their kids and grandkids? Do they think about how the drug industry profits from the drugs they're going to need to take when they get sick? Does this matter? Or do they only think about how something tastes and how good it is?

It almost pains me to watch these cooking shows because of this. There is no thought whatsoever about anything other than how the food looks and how the food tastes.

The bible says "whatsoever a man sows that he also reaps." This is true in every area of life, not just health. But one cannot abuse and poisoin their body on a daily basis and then expect any level of health. It doesn't make any sense to assault your digestive tract continually and then complain every day that you have stomach aches and the pills your taking just don't work anymore.

We have removed ourselves from the personal responsibiblity of health and happiness and now expect to get it from watching endless hours of T.V. and taking pills. Health and happiness is something like a discipline that must be developed on a daily basis. T.V., pills and quick fixes aren't going to somehow get rid of the affects toxic living is having on us.

So the next time you're going to eat somewhere or eat something (or for that matter buy a product anywhere) ask yourself who is being harmed, who is benefiting, what industries are you supporting and how will this effect your health and life as well as how it will affect your family and the planet.

Hopefully we all can start making better decisions in every area of life...

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