My Favorite Appliances...

In this post I wanted to go over some of the kitchen appliance I use to make my food and drinks. Stuff I would have a hard time living without. I use this stuff on a daily basis and highly recommend buying some or all of them!

This is the juicer I have. I love it. It's actually really easy to clean up, takes about 10-15 minutes to make a ton of juice. Knowing what I now know I would like to have the Greenstar juicer. I guess I'm torn because although the quality of the juice that the greenstar makes is much healthier and better tasting (it's extracted using the crushing technology instead of the shredding way that this machine uses) it's feed tube is much smaller. And that means you would have to spend much more time cutting and prepairing your juice. So it would take longer but it would last longer and is better for you. AND there are more parts to clean with the Greenstar. BUT then again, you can make nut butters, ice-creams and wheatgrass juice with it. So in the long haul I'd prefer that one. But the Breville is a close close 2nd and it's absolutely amazing. I love it!

What can I say about the Vitamix? It's an appliance I've wanted to for so long but never wanted to spend $400 dollars on it. Now that I have it, I could not live without it. And if I didn't not have it, I would have to buy one immediately. It's the best kitchen appliace I've ever owned and I used it at least 2 to 3 times per day. I got it as a Christmas gift. The thing is unbelievable.

I just got this Viking Food Processor for Christmas and it's unbelievable. I went back and forth which one I wanted between this and the Cuisinart. I read all the reviews on both ad naseum. But I think when you forkout $300 bones on an appliance like these, you can't go wrong. I think both of them would have been great. This thing is whisper quiet, easy to clean and looks great on the countertop. Plus it has wheels on the back so you can move it around the coutnertop pretty easily. The thing is beefy. I dig it and use it ALOT.

I am really happy with this dehydrator. The only thing I wish it had was a timer on it. One day I'll get the 9 tray one with a timer but for now it's just my wife and I and I think I've only once had all 5 trays being used up at the same time. So there is no reason I need the bigger one right now. It's pretty quiet but we run ours at night anyway mostly. I couldn't live w/o this thing.

I use this baby all the time. I make all my nutmilks with it. Usually I only make almond milk with it but I have also made other seed milks with it too. It's a pretty cool thing. I used to just soak the nuts/seeds overnight and then blend it up in my Vitamix and then use a nut milk bag and strain out the juice. That works pretty good too but just takes a little longer. These things are about $100 bucks from Tribest I think. I got mine off I think. The only downside with it, is that I wish it blended the nuts up more than it does. But it's still pretty cool. What I do is open about 5 coconuts and mix that water with a full container of Almond milk and put that into an empty 1 gallon milk container (don't worry I didn't drink the milk it came in!) and that's my milk for the week! Then I'll take the soft/wet almond pulp and dry that out and once it's dried I'll pop it into the vitamix to make a fine almond flour that I'll keep in the fridge to put into smoothies or crackers. Pretty tasty.

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littlemac said...

good detailed post until your last item (& and only item i care about). what is "this baby" that you are using for nut milks?