Organic vs Non Organic?

So many times I hear people ask me if they should spend the extra money on organic produce. My answer is always "Hell ya!" Think about it. Not only does organic produce and food have more life force in it, but it also has more enzymes, more vitamins and more minerals than their sprayed chemicalized counterparts.

In my opinion it's better to buy 3 organic apples for the week (or a few days) than to spend the same amount of money and buy double the amount of apples, so that you can have say an apple everyday.

So say you eat an apple everyday and you only buy 3 organic ones verses 7 non organic. Then on day 4 you have no apples right? Well instead of having that apple have a glass of water. I'm telling you it's the goal anyway. Our bodies should be able to produce all the vitamins and minerals on its own, but because it can't (right now at least) we need to put food into it. So the goal is to eat less and less anyway. As David Jubb says "We're digging our graves with our own teeth."

And think of this, by buying the organic produce and sacrificing (in this example) those other 4 days of having apples, you're actually supporting the organic farmers (who have to jump thru 3x as many hoops as the other farmers) thereby driving down the cost, thereby making it cheaper for your raw food counterpart (in say New York )to buy his organic food. It's a win win for everybody. Your body will thank you and so will the rest of us in this movement.

Oh by the way, did you see the list of pesticides found in these foods? Would you like a DDT whopper with a side of benzene? Benzene is so hot right now...

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erica said...

I saw the movie King Corn last night. It's about how much corn goes into EVERYTHING people in the US eat. It's genetically modified corn so that they can produce as much as possible so therefore it's nutrient deprived and full of pesticides. They then feed that to livestock or turn it into corn syrup. Most Americans eat meat and processed food so all in all they are eating low grade corn.

That was a bit off the subject of organic ... but the whole point of this was that during the movie they showed what the pesticide truck looks like and how much it sprays. It is DISGUSTING. There's more pesticides on the food than RAIN. It's crazy. I am a raw foodist too and it has changed my life immensely. Even if I wasn't raw I would definitely encourage ORGANIC! It's so worth the extra money!