But where do you get your protein?

I really thought this video was great because is show that it's cool to actually (as a guy too) do the work and spend some time in the kitchen making some food that is good for you. Gone are the days when the woman cooks up a dead carcass for you to eat when you get home from work. Thank God too. :)


Just the other day I was at a dinner and all my friends (and some people who I had just met) were eating chicken, stuffing and were asking me about my diet. I brought a salad, with no dressing. I love it that way.

It's funny how brainwashed we are. First question they ask always is, "So where do you get your protein?" It's so funny, nobody even asks WHY that question is even important. Or nobody asks why it's even a viable question to put on the table. But wait a minute, I learned that from Men's Fitness so it must be true. Amazing. I feel like telling these people that protein isn't as important as you might think. Or I feel like telling them "oh I get it from E3 Live, Spirulina, Chlorella, Wheat grass, Hemp Seed Powder etc." But hell they don't know what that is! So I usually just say "I get it from nuts and seeds." Even though those are more a source of fat and not protein. So that usually gets them off my back.

For the most part I don't like talking about it and am really shy about it. I mean if somebody is genuine and really wants to talk about it, I'd be stoked. But mostly they just regurgitate what they hear from their trainers and aren't really interested in learning. So in that case, I just give them something that will keep em quiet so we can talk about something else.

Not only can we get all the protein we need from leafy greens and the foods mentioned above we can get more than we need and in the available form we need it in. I've actually never been strong in my whole life. In my 10 years of working out I'm stronger than ever but 5 pounds lighter. Go figure.

So in my research and experience, the whole fixation on all this necessary animal and dairy protein is a total myth. We can't keep eating processed, civilized, western death food. If we want something different than what the other guy has (personally I've seen enough people with heart disease and cancer thank you very much) we have to do something different everyday. Maybe even 3 times a day. :)