Some Good Raw Food Goals. Direction Determines Destination...


Here are some things I like to try to do everyday if I can. A lot of times I can't and that's okay. I don't beat myself up about it. Actually it's better to move in cycles. Eat what's in season, eat locally (except superfoods obviously) etc. It's good to eat in cycles because food is in a lot of ways a drug and you don't want your body getting too used to any stimulant. So it's good to switch it around every so often to keep your body guessing. It's like lifting weights. Ya gotta switch it up. I'm trying to get better at that actually. I like staples in my diet and I'm a creature of habit.

Once you create a new habit you are more likely to create another one. Your health must be earned it's not given to you. It's like waves crashing against a cliff, over time the waves can actually reshape rock! Over time you'll start doing more and more things each day and after 2,5, 10 years you're a completely different person than you were before. It's amazing!

So here are some basics I try to do:

  • First thing when I get up (that's when you're most dehydrated) is to have a big glass of water (with sea salt, msm and lemon in it) with an enzyme. Some people like to have warm teas too and that is also really good.
  • Have a green juice everyday if you can.
  • If you eat cooked food have an enzyme with it.
  • If you eat cooked meat, have some lemon on it, or some Cayenne Pepper suppliment with it. It helps is to digest. According to Donna Gates in The Body Ecology Diet, eat meat in the earlier part of the day if you can.
  • Food combine as much as you can. Seperate carbs from proteins to allow your body to have more energy. They talk alot about this in Fit for Life
  • Have at least 1 salad per day, 2 if you can. 1 with every meal if possible. This will help to at least make each meal more alkaline. Having a good acid/alkaline balance is key.
  • Have a green smoothie everyday. I have mine for breakfast. Usually I have fruit in it (whatever is in season), with half an avocado (to make it more filling and slow the release of sugar), and any type and as much green leafy vegetables as possible. I also add in some lemon. This helps to remove the taste of bitter greens. Then for kicks I usually add some sort of frozen berries at the end, just because they are low in sugar, high in antioxidents and turn a green smoothie into a purple one. :) I also add in any superfood powders on hand.
  • Have a chocolate superfood smoothie everyday if you can.
  • Have a wheatgrass whenever possible.
That's pretty much the basics of what I try to do. But I'm finding that as time goes on, I don't require as much food and my addictions have diminished almost 100%. It's really great how that happens! So keep it up people! :)

- Justin