Milk It Does A Body Good?

Here is my milk. Looks just like milk doesn't it? I love putting things into containers that mimick the ones we are used to. I'm sure the platic leaches into my body. And I don't think Masaru Emoto would be proud. His work showed that the molecules in water can actually change by speaking to water, praying over it or even writing messages on the side of your glass. Now that is amazing! But I think it looks cool and one day I'll have it in glass or something. :) Maybe I'll put them in bottles like in Leave it to Beaver. But the above photo is just almond milk mixed with coconut water. Soooo good!

There is a great website called. and it's all about how HORRIBLE dairy products are for you. I love it and feel so much better for giving up all dairy. However I must admit I have a similar story to my hero David Wolfe on this. It was the milk that triggered my need to change my diet. It took years of trying to change and reading Fit for Life. But when I was having problems with milk I KNEW I needed to change something in my diet! So big ups to MILK! :) Hey sometimes it takes the worst things to show us we need change!