We are the world...

(Dr. Weston Prices Video)

Remember that song from the 80's and how inspirational it was? I remember that. Those were the days! You had Bono there, Sting etc, all singin about how the kids are our future. Which is true. But the other month I ran across this video that remains in my subconscious because of A) how powerful it is and B) what its implications are. The video talks about Weston Price and his studies on teeth. And how our diet affects the type of offspring we have. Our diet affects literally how our bones are formed and how are teeth are formed. It's really quite amazing. The implication is that if somebody has a susceptibility to cavities (thin layers of dentin around the teeth) this can be genetic. Meaning that the mother can by her diet pass that on to her kids by the level of genes that she passes on at the time of conception. WOW. And this is passed on by how she feeds her kids.

So what this can mean is how we eat now is going to have an impact on how future generations turn out. Low minerals, high sugar has the possibility to produce kids that have weak immune systems, childhood diseases etc. So in essence each generation is or can become weaker and weaker. This is manifested in how close are teeth are together, our body types, bone density and more. Amazing.

So many times we get caught up in how are diets are affecting our own health. But we forget that we need to eat this way for a sustainable future for the planet as well as for our kids and family. Our diet and the foods we eat affect way more than just if we feel good or not. It's much broader than that.

Just think of the possibilities. Imagine a culture of people that not only raised their kids raw but actually took the time to do some cleansing and really cleaned themselves out and ate the best raw organic superfoods to prepare for a pregnancy? Imagine what types of kids and future generations that would produce. Think about it. Now that sheds a little more light on focusing so much on ourselves. We can eat to create a more powerful generation that comes after us.