Inspirational Teachers

I've been really busy lately and have not had time to post! But I've been thinking a bit lately about how in order to continue down the path of doing raw foods you really need the education on top of actually doing it. I like to listen to information I download off the internet like on I'm more of an audio learner. I also like to read as much as I can to learn more and more about how this diet affects people and diseases. We all have people who inspire us and people that we learn from. I have a lot. And there are probably more than I can list here but I thought I would share all of them with everybody. So for what it's worth, these are the people who have affected my life and people who inspire me and people who I've learned a lot from.

Viktoras Kulvinskas

Brian Clement

Daniel Vitalis

Gabriel Cousins

David Wolfe

Robert O. Young

Bob Marshall

David Jubb

Annie Jubb

Norman Walker

Peter Ragnar

Arnold Ehret

Jay Kordich

Truth Calkins

Robert Cohen

Storm Talifero

Barry Carter

Don Jansen

Dr. Lindsey Duncan

Jack LaLanne

Gary Null

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Doug said...

Hey thanks for listing your inspirational teachers! I've got a great podcast from Raw Vegan Radio of Dr. Brian Clement and some others. I re-listen to them every so often. It totally helps me to keep my focus!

How often do you get to surf?