Starting a Garden

I've been dreaming lately about starting a garden. There is a little side of me that wants to be totally off the grid. It's funny I live in sort of two different worlds. In one world I want to be as productive as possible and live/function in society like any normal person. And another part of me just wants to have my little plot of land and live off of it. So at some point I'm going to have to stop dreaming and hybridize the two. I found this video and thought it was fascinating what this guy was able to do on relatively little land area. I thought we should all be doing this. Check out his site here

Anthony over at is going to be doing an eco project that I think involves doing a lot of this. One day I know I'm going to have a big plot of land and grow most if not all my food off of it. It's going to be amazing. And I know exactly where this plot of land is too. It's right by the beach. :)

Imagine not having to go to the store to get fruit or veggies! Wake up and have no fruit for your green smoothie that morning? Forget going to the supermarket and standing in line, spending money on fruits. Stuff that! Just walk out your backyard, pick a few things and get right back to your vitamix. Ahh the good life. One day it will happen...

Here are some good websites to know about: