Traveling with Raw Food...

Here is my wife and I hiking around Manly Australia
Drinking a carrot, apple celery juice in Harbord Sydney, Oz
Hanging out with My uncle and his wife...
Hanging out on Green Island Australia with my wife...

It's not easy traveling and trying to do raw food. But thanks to people getting the word out there it's getting easier and easier. More raw foods are becoming more and more available all over the world.

I hear it's also better to fly at night. The reason being is that the ultraviolet rays that hit the plane at that high an altitude is like a microwave oven as far as radiation goes. So less sun = less radiation. So I try to get night fights if I can but can't always. I learned that from Dr. Bob Marshall.

I also learned that there is something that I heard of called the Shuman Resonance Device. The theory is that the earth puts out a resonant frequency of 7 hertz or so. And when you are removed from the earth (in a plane at 35,000 feet) that resonant frequency doesn't penetrate your body and therefore you feel jetlag. Sounds interesting and I'm sure it's true but I don't have the device. Apparently it's something you wear like a necklace or something. If anybody has one please let me know and let me know if it's worth it to buy one! :)


- Justin